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          Company Profile

                 The ancient name of Shaoxing is "Da Yue", which is a famous historical and cultural city. Because of its abundant Shaoxing rice wine, it is known as the "Oriental Famous Wine".

                 Zhejiang Dayue Shaoxing Liquor Co., Ltd. is a professional rice wine manufacturer. It was born in 1959 in Dongpu Town, Shaoxing, the birthplace of "Oriental Famous Liquor". It was originally the Wangcheng Temple Winery. Years of tempering and accumulation once led the industry to become a benchmark for private rice wine enterprises. The company moved to Zhaxi, Binhai New Sanjiang, Shaoxing City in 2013, and gathered a number of national-level rice wine judges, intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel, with an annual output of 5,000 tons of high-quality rice wine and 6,000 tons of bottled wine.

                 The company has passed HACCP food safety management system certification and US FDA certification.The product won the "Bauhinia Special Gold Award" at the first Hong Kong China Health Wine & Food Products Expo, and the Gold Award at the 6th China International Wine & Spirits Appraisal (hosted by Brussels International Appraisal). "Da Yue" brand rice wine was awarded the title of "Shaoxing Famous Brand Product"; "Da Yue" trademark was successively named "Shaoxing Famous Brand", "Shaoxing Famous Brand", "Shaoxing Time-honored Brand"; "Da Yue" brand series of Huadiao Liquor was selected in 2006 The Distribution Center of Specialty Products of the Agency Service Bureau of the State Council.



          ?       The company mainly produces high-end traditional handmade Shaoxing rice wine.It owns 25 registered trademarks such as "Da Yue", "Da Yue Gui", "Qingdian Lake" and "Orient Crown", and 14 design patents.The products include more than 150 serialized products of different years and specifications, such as rice, flower carving, fragrant snow, and fine brewing. "Da Yue" brand rice wine has been sold in major cities across the country. The company is one of China's Shaoxing wine export production bases, and has the right to import and export Shaoxing wine.Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions;Among them, the "Shaoxing wine" series products have been sold well in the mid-to-high-end Shaoxing wine market in Japan for more than 20 years, and are deeply loved by consumers, and are known as "the noble Shaoxing rice wine".

          Proof of protection
          Export food

                 The company is one of the units using geographical indications of origin of Shaoxing wine in the People’s Republic of China. It will continue to promote and promote Shaoxing wine culture and inherit the Shaoxing rice wine brewing skills as China’s intangible cultural heritage. Through strict production management and continuous technological innovation, To provide consumers with more healthy and fashionable Shaoxing wine series drinks.


          Use unit of geographical indication of origin of Shaoxing wine
          National Intangible Cultural Heritage-Traditional Brewing Technology of Shaoxing Rice Wine
          Shaoxing time-honored brand
          Passed HACCP food safety system certification
          Shaoxing Wine Export Enterprise of the People's Republic of China

          Geographical Indications of the People's Republic of China

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          Zhejiang Dayue Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. All rights reserved    浙ICP備2021021830號-1     www.300.cn

          Contact information

          Sales (custom) hotline:

          Address: West Side of New Sanjiang Gate, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
          (0575)85209988 / (0575)85641387


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          Zhejiang Dayue Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. All rights reserved  浙ICP備12345678號     www.300.cn